FAQs – The India Smart Protein Innovation Challenge


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Please check the details of this multi-phase challenge on this section of the website. The registration forms will be open on the website on the 15th June, 2020 and will be open till 15th July, 2020.

Please note that all the participants should register as individuals for Phase 1 and subsequently those who qualify phase 1 will get a week to create teams between the pool of all such qualified individuals to form a team. We will release more details about team composition, structure and more information about the networking week with participants some towards the end of July to the eligible participants.  Read https://smartproteinchallenge.in/details/ carefully for understanding the whole journey!

Please check the detailed eligibility criteria here.
You can email Shardul Dabir at sharduld@gfi.org for any further questions or clarifications.

As mentioned, this challenge is focused on getting Young Talent (students, early stage researchers and professionals working in the industry) to come up with Innovative solutions to the dire problems facing our current animal-derived sources of protein. We are sure that this young talent will certainly help more established entrepreneurs, corporations and universities looking to hire in this sector.

This challenge has no application or entry fees. It is made possible due to the donors of The Good Food Institute India and the support of our key organizing partner Gastrotope.

The Challenge is focused on Indian Nationals, but we will allow participation on a case-by-case basis* from citizens of other countries who have been working in India and understand its landscape. More details in the registration form, please click on Register Now on the home page. If you are a Non-Indian national or Indian Citizen overseas, who has been working in India and understand its landscape and food ecosystem in detail, please provide more context here in the registration form so that we can evaluate your entry to this challenge accordingly.

Yes. Absolutely! We have designed this challenge so that you get multiple tangible outcomes for completing each phase/round. By default, you get the prizes of the phases you qualify. For example – If you qualify for phase 3, you will get the prizes offered to winners of phase 1 and phase 2 by default. More details on this in the individual phase section here.
Though this challenge is primarily geared towards solving for problems related to the future of food, primarily the future of protein – it is NOT AT ALL the case that you need to have a background in Food Science or Allied Fields.

Globally in places like the US, EU, Israel, Asia Pacific, Brazil many young professionals and students from the fields of computer science, materials engineering, medical science, liberal arts etc. are contributing to this sector in various capacities.

An inclination to understand the problem facing our current sources of animal-derived foods, the metrics of evaluation criteria, and a rationale rooted in science, feasibility and logic, combined with a sheer well to improve the food systems is what would make you a successful smart protein innovator.
No prototype is needed in Phase 1 and Phase 2 and this is purely a theoretical ideation challenge. Please check in the evaluation criteria for phase 3 which has additional marks criteria which could give you an edge if you decide to create a prototype or a proof of concept of sorts.

The hope is that you will create prototypes of your ideas through the resources available to you through our ecosystem, post the completion of the challenge.
Each team has to decide only on 1 theme of innovation and will submit only 1 primary proposal only focused on that 1 category.

Example – Your team will have to submit the primary proposal only focused on ‘Plant based Meat’ if it chooses that while submitting your team details.
Submissions will be judged by a panel comprising GFI India, Gastrotope, and other external experts.
We will be guiding the applicants in Phase 3 & 4, via check-in webinars and advisory sessions.

Ensure that you study the resources in phase 1 diligently, create a diverse team capable of thinking about science and economic feasibility specific to Indian context.
The primary proposal is compulsory in Phase 2. You can submit supplementary material over and above the evaluation criteria which will be considered to supplement your entry but would not fetch marks over and above the evaluation criteria.
It is mandatory for one member of each team to be available for the demo day. Given the Covid-19 situation, we might look at arranging this Demo Day Virtually. More details on this in due time.

General Questions

This challenge is meant for ideation, but if you and your product fit into the criteria for eligibility and evaluation, please feel free to apply and refine your idea throughout the challenge phases.
We strongly recommend using the prize money to invest in your idea and at least 1 member of your team should continue to work on it, but it is not mandatory to do so.
You can email Shardul Dabir at sharduld@gfi.org for any further questions or clarifications.