ISPIC 2021 Mentors

For ISPIC 2021, participants will be able to access group mentorship via the Inspiration Webinar Series in Phases 2 & 3, and the top teams in Phases 3 & 4 will receive individuals 1:1 mentorship. 

GFI India is inviting mentors with the smart protein industry and research expertise to help guide the top teams across Track 1 and Track 2, based on their needs.

These mentors will have experience and insights in science, technology, business, entrepreneurship, research, policy and regulatory affairs, and other cross-disciplinary backgrounds. We aim to invite mentors who have worked within the smart protein sector both globally and in India, where it is a nascent yet rapidly growing industry.

You can check some of our amazing mentors below and stay tuned for the full list of mentors for ISPIC 2021!

Aboli Jogi

Albrecht Wolfmeyer

Aman Taneja

Alfred C. Cheung

Benjamin Pippin

Chirag Sabunani

Divya Murthy

Elena Sofia Inguglia

Gurmeet Singh

Ignacio Vargas

Ignacio Vargas

Iris Haberkorn

Kumud Ashish Singh

Marika Azoff

Mukunda Goswami

Natalie Lung

Nate Crosser

Nidhi Mathur

Parthasarathy Ponguri

Pooja Shirali

Rakesh Rajiv

Dr. Saikat Datta Mazumdar

Sanil Sachar

Sarthak Rastogi

Shubhankar Takle

Tom Ben-Arye

Vidhyashankar Sathyamurthi

Vikrant Rana

Vynavi Mylavarapu