Solutions for a sustainable food system

Solutions Wall 2021

Showcasing smart protein solutions to help feed 10 billion people by 2050 and help secure the future of food in India & the world!

ISPIC 2021 was divided into two separate tracksTrack 1 (Innovation) and Track 2 (Entrepreneurship), depending on the maturity of the startup and solution. In Phases 2 through 4, teams in both tracks within a chosen technology area and a selected challenge statement (Track 1 and Track 2) developed a validated technological and business proposal, focusing on significant bottlenecks across the smart protein value-chain to accelerate the creation of new technologies, provide solutions to the global market and establish India as a smart protein innovation and manufacturing hub. Proposals were assessed on technical feasibility, scalability, commercialisation potential, and economic viability.

Below is a snapshot of the innovative solutions that came out of the Challenge this year. They cover smart protein products and enabling ingredients that can be produced using one or a combination of the following three modalities, from a product, cost, and infrastructure perspective:




You can reach out to the teams that put forward these solutions through the contact details listed in their entry! You can collaborate with them, hire them, or help bring their ideas to life by funding them.  Filter through the table below and check out entries that are of interest to you based on the problem statements. 

And if you are looking for interns, employees, or other kinds of collaborators, we have the GFI India Talent Database — a repository of students, graduates, and professionals actively seeking employment in the Indian smart protein sector. If you are actively hiring talent, please fill out our Access Talent Database Form. After we approve your request, the password to access the database will be shared with you. Further, you can also take a look at the GFI India’s Entrepreneur Database to connect with all the existing smart protein startups in India. Investors are strongly recommended to get in touch with us and the teams as early-stage investments in this technology-forward domain is particularly high-impact for the acceleration of this sector.

GFI India hopes that you enjoy going through this innovative solutions wall!