Solutions for a sustainable food system

Solutions Wall 2020

A snapshot of innovative solutions from the India Smart Protein Innovation Challenge 2020, designed to advance the smart protein sector in India. Filter through the table below and check out entries that are of interest to you! The solutions below cover one of these five categories across plant-based proteins:

Plant-Based Meat

Plant-Based Seafood

Plant-Based Eggs

Plant-Based Dairy

Plant-Based Solutions

You can reach out to the teams that put forward these solutions through the contact details listed in their entry! You can collaborate with them, hire them, or help bring their ideas to life. And if you are looking for interns, employees, or other kinds of collaborators, we have the GFI India Talent Database (password protected) — a repository of students, graduates, and professionals looking for work opportunities in India’s smart protein sector. If you are actively hiring or sourcing talent, please fill out our access form to go through the database. After we receive your request, the password to access the database will be shared with you.