ISPIC 2023 is proud to collaborate with forward-thinking funds, universities, and entities that recognize the groundbreaking significance of smart protein in fostering sustainable food systems and stewarding climate and planetary health.

Our key challenge partner, Spectrum Impact has made it possible for us to provide this opportunity completely free-of-cost for participating students, researchers, and early-stage entrepreneurs in the Indian smart protein sector.


Spectrum Impact is a family office whose objective is to allocate capital through a broad spectrum of areas like investing in and supporting technologies and businesses that are working towards arresting and reversing climate change, organizations working towards making education more accessible and affordable, and initiatives that support job creation, entrepreneurship, equal access to opportunities and skill development amongst others.

Our accelerator partner, Brinc will be supporting participants with access to training resources and an extensive network of startup and business mentors from around the world.

Our academic partners contribute significant time, expertise, and resources by offering follow-on internships, and incubation support to the ISPIC cohort and we are grateful for their constant support in our shared mission of building this sunrise sector from the ground up.

Testimonials from Previous
ISPIC Partners

“We are thrilled to be partnering with GFI India to discover promising new entrepreneurial talents in this part of the world. India is rapidly growing its reputation as a key player in the alternative protein space, with the ability to have a significant impact worldwide. At the ProVeg Incubator, our mission is to reduce global animal consumption by 50% by the year 2040 and we do that by supporting pioneering innovators. We are confident that we'll find many of those during this Challenge and very much look forward to connecting and working with them."

“We, at Omnivore, are very excited by the opportunities India presents for the alternative protein sector as there is a huge potential to build value chains, processes and technologies leveraging the sheer diversity of plant proteins in India's crop base. We would love to see young entrepreneurs, researchers, and students use the smart protein challenge platform to create solutions based on sustainable protein sources for the future.”

“As consumer demand for alternative proteins skyrockets, we are supporting next-gen entrepreneurs to launch and scale promising innovations in this space. At TFF, we focus on accelerating their ventures and increasing their collaborative efforts to positively impact our food systems."

“With this challenge we strive to lay a foundation to explore the potential of alternative food technologies. We would be keen to engage with Foodpreneurs who are working on interesting breakthroughs in this sunrise sector."

“Big Idea Ventures is keen on doing this challenge with GFI as we recognize there are amazing entrepreneurs in India that we want to connect and help mentor so they can be possible future investments!"